It was almost seven years ago when Allah arranged me an encounter to her. That time, second semester of the first year, we got the same class right after major placement. We were in science program. I can’t remember how we started to engage each other.

A half year ahead, we became the same table friend. Since that, I remember when she shared her food that she brought from her house for lunch, when I taught her mathematics and physics, when we always became an arabic dialogue test partner, when she often kept banana on her locker, etc. We got closer and closer.

I was busy from one competition to another competition as I joined mathematics club in my school. I once took physics and research competition as well in between. But she was never involved in such those activities. All she did was just coming to the class, never really listening to what our teacher was teaching which made me had to reexplain it to her after class, just playing around with classmates, everything was just about having fun. And she never changed it until we graduated from senior high school. I guessed we were in contrast at that time, really.

After graduation, she continued her education out of town, meanwhile I remained in the same town. But being separated in a different island, we stayed in touch through sms, calls and also chats. She once told me that her life, especially in education, was extremely different. A kind of something that force her to be more independent. No one would reexplain to her. In a group assignment, if she didn’t start to work then other wouldn’t too. It was very different but it was good for her. It changed her to a better one.

At least once in a year, she came back to our town and we always provided a time for meet up. Telling how the school was going on, her new close friend, why I haven’t had a girlfriend yet, etc.

Yesterday, we had meet up again. But this one felt like really different edition. She just got her bachelor degree, officially an industrial engineer. The better news was that she has been accepted in a manufacturing company for work. I was so happy. She must be a much much better person now. And I am proud of her!

When we were about to take our leave, she told me that she is really waiting for the next meet up and she wish me for a really soon graduation and for a job as well.




Kecil Officially S.Si

So today you Cil marked yourself as officially S.Si.
Geophysics of Gadjah Mada is absolutely not easy to take, isn’t it? But, you did it.
I couldn’t be more proud of you. I have no words to say. Speechless. Just Speechless.

That photo that you sent after I asked: A bright smile spreading in your face without showing the teeth as usual (I know that smile), wearing a dark blue shirt with a black tie and black pants that make you look so handsome, and two buckets of flower on your hand. You look so happy.

I wanna cry right now, Cil.
All the memory we had in senior high school just flashing back.
That day that we were crying in the classroom when failed in OSK.
The days when we were busy in our own while preparing for some science olympiad.
Also the day when we were searching our university.

Of course, how could I forget another chemistry fighter.
We three had many great moments together.
After took a midwifery diploma one year ago (I am sorry for not writing any word of it :D), now she is pursuing her next title.

So, now it is only me who still on the court running to put some letters behind my name.


Aku, Dyas dan Ekrar

So this morning Dyas alerted me, “Jangan main hape mulu“, when we have some talks by Line.
Oh no, she actually typed “Jangan main hape mele“. Typo.

Yes, I interact too much with my phone. Just not in the right time.
Your fyp!

Then she told me that Ekrar as the only one to take thesis defense this year.
I could’t say how proud I am of him.

Such a trigger for me to finish my fyp asap.

Dyas, please have a great days ahead on your practical work.
Ekrar, I know your small body contradicts your ability. You will make it, bro. No doubt.
Me, come on!

Welcome July

note: maapin judulnya 😀

Agar Putih Abu-abu tidak memutuskan dengan abu-abu

(sekedar ingin membantu promosi)

Memutuskan jurusan yang akan diambil saat kuliah bukanlah hal yang mudah. Bagi sebagian siswa ada yang sudah menemukan passion-nya saat masih duduk di bangku SMA, sehingga mereka sudah punya keyakinan yang kuat mengenai jurusan yang tepat untuk diri mereka. Tetapi tidak begitu adanya bagi sebagian siswa yang lain. Ada yang memang kemampuannya saat duduk di bangku SMA sangat kurang, sehingga tidak pede untuk mengambil jurusan apapun. Akhirnya mengambil jurusan tertentu hanya kerena sekedar ikut-ikutan teman. Ada pula yang orang tuanya mengharuskan mereka untuk mengambil jurusan-jurusan tertentu, dalam kata lain ada (sedikit) unsur pemaksaan. Padahal jurusan yang diambil saat kuliah seharusnya tidak boleh asal-asalan. Siswa harus mengerti apa dan bagaimana jurusan yang akan mereka ambil. Jika mereka salah mengambil jurusan, maka hampir dapat dipastikan selama masa kuliah mereka akan terus menerus mengalami ketidaknyamanan menjalani hari-hari perkuliahan, apa yang mereka pelajari tidak nyambung dengan peminatan mereka. Kalau sudah begitu biasanya mereka akan menjadi malas mengerjakan tugas, kuliah hanya sekedar datang setor muka tanpa mendapatkan esensi dari perkuliahan tersebut. Mereka menjadi uring-uringan. Kasihan sekali jika selama 3-4 tahun atau bahkan lebih mereka seperti ini.

Sebuah ide kreatif dari tim #galaujurusan membuat suatu blog yang berisi cerita-cerita dari para (mantan) mahasiswa untuk menjadi referensi bagi adik-adik SMA sederajat dalam memilih jurusan dengan bijak. Cerita-cerita tersebut dipaparkan menurut sudut pandang orang pertama, orang yang langsung menjalani perkuliahan di jurusan tersebut. Jadi kamu bisa tahu bagaimana suka duka di jurusan tersebut secara real. Saat ini sudah ada 100 cerita lebih yang bisa kamu baca di blog tersebut. Silahkan langsung saja kunjungi dan semoga saat kuliah nanti kamu bisa berada di jurusan yang tepat!

galau jurusan