So, today is the last day of my twenty-one. Tomorrow, which is one and a half hour to go, I am going to turn into 22.
Deep down inside of my soul, I am sad. I guess instead of doing my best, I spent the last one year of my life without any sense of good things. All I did is just acts like even totally not an early twenty years old man. Besides, I am now in the end of 3rd year of my school. It means there will be only one year for me before I enter the real life. The life when there is no more money sent by my father, the life when I have to be able gaining money by my own self for my life costs, the life when you are starting to be a man standing fit in your own feet.

If only I could choose, I wished to be a child forever. Because a child never think about anything except playing around. If only. Once I had phoned my mother during stress time towards many school tasks and problems of mine, including my thought I have just written above.  I even asked her what if I can not get work when I had already graduated from by bachelor, does father will still send me money. Fool. She just laughed. Then she said that nobody is always in the same stage of life period, people live life and grow up. Everything has its time. So all you can do is to enjoy every time coming into your self and make it with your best.