Kecil Officially S.Si

So today you Cil marked yourself as officially S.Si.
Geophysics of Gadjah Mada is absolutely not easy to take, isn’t it? But, you did it.
I couldn’t be more proud of you. I have no words to say. Speechless. Just Speechless.

That photo that you sent after I asked: A bright smile spreading in your face without showing the teeth as usual (I know that smile), wearing a dark blue shirt with a black tie and black pants that make you look so handsome, and two buckets of flower on your hand. You look so happy.

I wanna cry right now, Cil.
All the memory we had in senior high school just flashing back.
That day that we were crying in the classroom when failed in OSK.
The days when we were busy in our own while preparing for some science olympiad.
Also the day when we were searching our university.

Of course, how could I forget another chemistry fighter.
We three had many great moments together.
After took a midwifery diploma one year ago (I am sorry for not writing any word of it :D), now she is pursuing her next title.

So, now it is only me who still on the court running to put some letters behind my name.



Beli kedondong uang receh, komen dong biar kece.

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