AIS Project was Just Totally Completed!

I praise Allah for another blessing, that Accounting Information Systems (AIS) project was just totally completed. Mbak Ta as my projectmate saved me from this project, she was the one who coded for building the system.

I could remember how stressed we were, especially Mbak Ta, because of this project. Thinking of ERD that we must chang for many times because we didn’t know the concepts of accounting. I just felt very unhelpful during doing the project, couldn’t do anything while Mbak Ta was thinking much how to code the systems. I was there only for handling our project report. So sorry, mbak. 😦

Last wednesday, the day of project presentation, in front of supervisor and lecturer. We did it well in the beginning, all to show was just running smoothly. Suddenly, we got some errors and a bit panic. The systems didn’t run as it should be. We had tried it before the presentation. But, I guess some ghosts always existed during presentation, no matter how perfect you prepared. We asked the supervisor and the lecturer to run our another project had been backed up. But, they told us to continue instead of permit our request. The show must go on. We continued the rest of our presentation with a bit dissapointed till it ended up.

Before we exit the room, they reminded us to fix the errors and document our project in a video then upload it into YouTube.

Today, about an hour ago, we were just done for all. We fixed the errors, made the video and uploaded it. So happy that finally we finished this AIS project.

Mbak Ta, thank you very much. 🙂



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